About Instructor Development Philippines

As the only IDC facility in the country with 3 in house PADI Course Directors we guarantee you will not only have the best IDC experience possible but also a lot of fun in the process.

IDP is more than just a training facility. We care about each candidate and apart from offering exceptional training we also offer support to each individual long after they have successfully completed their Instructor Exam.

We are still in contact with lots of our previous IDC graduates, many of whom return to Liquid and Atmosphere for regular diving holidays and tell us stories of their amazing lifestyles working their dream jobs in exotic locations, a few have even gone on to open their own dive centers; and we are there to help with any questions they may have.

Our IDP graduates are one of our strongest assets having dive jobs all over the world, creating a network that we can tap into to help our newest batch of graduates in the search for their dream job.

Meet the team

We are very lucky at IDP to have 3 full time in house Course Directors who have been friends and colleagues working together for several years teaching IDC's. With a combined experience of more than 40 years as PADI professionals in the diving industry working world wide, our IDC programs are filled with knowledge, experience and fun.

Joining us is a team of highly trained PADI STAFF and Master Instructors who all work full time at Atmosphere or Liquid and have been assisting on IDC’s for many years. They all help out during both class and water presentations and create a wonderful support team for all our candidates. We also offer support for our IDC candidates in a variety of languages including French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Gabrielle Holder

PADI Course Director

Gabrielle is the in house Course Director and Owner of Atmosphere Resorts. Originally from the UK, Gabrielle has been living in Asia for over 30 years. After working for the Hong Kong Police for 11 years, a change of occupation came about when she learnt to Dive in 1995 and fell in love with it. Diving her way round South East Asia for two years, Gabrielle settled in the Philippines and became a PADI Diving Instructor and Manager of a Dive Centre in Boracay. She met her husband Matthew when he signed up for her Open Water course in 2001, they were married in 2006 and have two children. Gabrielle truly believes this is the best job in the world and became a PADI Course Director in 2003, her career didn't stop there and together with her husband Matthew, they decided to start their own dive centre and resort, Atmosphere Resorts, now a PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre was opened in 2008. Gabrielle's true passion is teaching diving, with no greater job satisfaction, but living on the Dauin coastline, it has to be said that critters are her favorite thing to see underwater.

Tim Latimer

PADI Course Director

Tim first learned to dive when he was 16 on a school trip to the Bahamas. Since then he has tried his hand at carpentry, social work, managing coffee shops, bank manager and generally spending time travelling and trying to figure it all out. Finally he decided to stick with the thing he fell in love with at 16. In 2002 he settled in Utila, Honduras and became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Making good use of his new cool job to pick up girls, he promptly met Zoe who he married a year later!! He also reads comic books so most of his cool cred went out the window with that one. Tim is now the in house Course Director for Liquid, now a PADI 5* CDC dive resort, working together with Atmosphere Resorts to provide IDC’s to people looking to make diving their career, through Instructor Development Philippines.

Berlinda Koolen

PADI Course Director

Berlinda is Liquid’s Instructor Supervisor as well as one of IDP’s in house Course Directors. Originally from Holland she first came to Liquid in 2012 during her trip around the world to complete her Divemaster Course. After a stint working as a Divemaster in other areas around the country and a brief return visit home she then came back and completed her Instructor Course with us in 2013 and spent the following years working towards her Course Director. We are extremely proud of Berlinda who successfully passed her Course Director exam early 2017 and joins our IDP team as our 3rd in house CD! B, as she is referred to, offers courses in Dutch and English and especially enjoys teaching Divemaster Courses and of course IDC’s.

Tracy Chan

PADI Course Director

Tracy is from Hong Kong, fluent in English, Cantonese and mandarin. She is a regional sales and master instructor at Atmosphere resorts. Diving was her love at first sight and love teaching students from all levels, Soon she will apply for CDTC and focus on the Chinese professional trainings.


Ulrika Kroon

Master Instructor

Ulrika is a Master Instructor and has been staffing on PADI IDC’s since 2005 and works as the Marketing & Branding Manager at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa. Originally from Sweden, she started her career in cold water as a diving journalist and took all the courses she could, including ice diving, to write insightful articles about them. Eventually she ended up a PADI Instructor and relocated to the Philippines. She is a dedicated underwater photographer and can teach in Swedish, French and English.

Rae Collins

Master Instructor

Rae started diving as the result of a personal challenge more so than because of any innate desire; that was twenty years ago and whilst it took her a number of dives to gain confidence and passion she was persistent. Travelling around the world, diving, gaining experience and continuing her education she found herself settled and teaching diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Now a Master Instructor who has dived and taught in many locations she proclaims to be a warm water diver who now dives mainly to meditate. However she also love wrecks and is happy to see any and all marine critters.

Julia Zeng

HR & Training Manager

Julia is one of our staff instructors and works as the HR & Training Manager at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa. Diving was on her list of ‘must try adventures’ during her backpacking trip around the world and was one of the activities she fell in love with on the 2nd try. After she was sent from her home country Germany to China as an Expat she took all the opportunities possible to properly start and continue her path with PADI around Asia. Seven years ago she decided to give corporate life a break and follow a dream… She teaches in German, English & Spanish and loves to dive as a form of relaxation

Our Experience

Experience counts when it comes to finding the best PADI Instructor Course!

By choosing Instructor Development Philippines to prepare you for your PADI IE you will be selecting three of the best PADI Course Directors, who together with their team of experienced Staff Instructors and support staff, have over 75 years of combined experience.

Our biggest goal is to make sure your investment into your PADI Instructor Career Training is successful and enjoyable.

We offer one of the best and most consistent PADI Instructor Courses in the Philippines, but don’t be fooled just by our numbers! You get as much training and tutoring as you need, and the benefit of more experience than any other IDC center in this region can offer. We’ve got the answers to make sure that you pass your PADI IE.




Combined we can cover a vast amount of languages to help you get the most out of your IDC even if you are not a native English speaker

Staff members

Dedicated to support & mentor you through the IDC

Years of professional experience

Combined we bring 75 years of teaching experience to our IDC's. We have also taught in multiple countries throughout our careers bring a wealth of experience

Pro certifications

We have certified in excess of 670 instructors and specialty instructors
What does Dumaguete and Dauin have to offer?
As it turns out…a lot! On land and underwater Dumaguete is a natural paradise
  • Siquijor

    Siquijor hides secret swimming spots like the turquoise waters of Kagusan and Salagdoong beach, and the white sand-lined Tulapos Marine Sanctuary.
  • Apo Island

    Apo Island is one of the worlds best known community-organized marine sanctuaries, and as such it has been well documented by the global science community. At present, the island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals.

Under the Sea

There are many reasons to become a dive professional. But the love of diving is something all dive professionals share. The diving in Dauin and Apo Island is exceptional.

The marine sanctuaries lining the Dauin coastline are regarded as some of the best in the world for macro diving. If you have a wish list of critters this is the area to dive, from frog fish to all manner of octopus, nudibranchs to cuttlefish, snake eels to sea snakes, the Dauin coast has it all.

Apo Island is a scuba divers heaven and has been a well-preserved marine sanctuary for the past 20 years and has an international reputation as having one of the most diverse and stunning collections of corals in Asia Pacific. Apart from amazing corals Apo Island is also a breeding ground for turtles and has an abundant marine life.

The neighboring island of Siquijor and Sumilon offer stunning wall dives with overhangs and caves, covered in stunning corals and the chance to see sharks swimming in the depths.

Truly “world class” diving is all literally just out the front door and a walk down the beach or a short boat ride away.

Dumaguete, Dauin and Negros Oriental in general offer more adventure, culture and activities than almost anywhere else in the Philippines. That’s why we love it here, and you will too.

Above the Waves

Dumaguete is a vibrant university town, while Dauin is a diver’s paradise on the beaches 20 minutes south of the city.

There are plenty of things to do in the area. Dumaguete itself has all the amenities of a modern city. From hospitals to supermarkets; museums to local markets, shopping malls to movie theaters, nightclubs and bars & restaurants offering live music most nights, the city has a little something for everyone.

Just outside of Dumaguete you have many small townships that offer a wide variety of attractions and activities. There are the majestic twin lakes of Balinsasayao, Casaroro Falls in Valencia or Lake Balanan in Siaton. Bais Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar are popular destinations to spend a day of sightseeing as well. All these can be reached on a day trip from Dauin or Dumaguete.

For the more adventurous trekking to the summit of Mount Talinis is possible with stops at crater lakes and natural sulphur vents along the way. The second longest cave system to be found in the Philippines is the nearby Mabinay caves, where guided trips can be organized.

Along with the ample natural attractions in the area there are also many historical and cultural sights. Rizal boulevard in Dumaguete city itself is a picturesque landmark. The belfry tower constructed in 1811 that once served as a look out for pirates is located next to the cathedral opposite the main square in town. Founded in 1901 Silliman University is a cornerstone of Dumaguete and houses three museums among the sprawling tree lined campus.

Malatapay Market is full of hustle and bustle every Wednesday when traders and farmers come from all over the province to hawk their wares. Vegetables, fruit, livestock and all manner of freshly cooked goods and local dishes are available.

  • Lake Balinsasayao

    If there is Pinatubo Lake in Luzon, they have the Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao in Visayas. Lake Balinsasayao is located in the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental.
  • Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sand Bar

    Bais Bay Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sand Bar are one of the famous destinations in Negros Oriental that go together.