IDP has 2 wonderful 5* facilities both offering dedicated training areas and situated on the beach front in Dauin. Our IDC program is split between the 2 facilities giving all our candidates the unique opportunity to witness how 2 very different PADI 5* CDC dive resorts are run.

  • Both resorts have dedicated IDC classroom with air conditioning, large TV’s, ample table space and sockets.
  • Both resorts have an extensive PADI library available for all your referencing needs.
  • Both resorts have training pools designed with diving in mind giving you varying depths to be able to successfully complete all your confined water skills.
  • Both resorts have a wide selection of rental equipment, surface markers and aides, in house compressors and nitrox fill stations.
  • Liquid has a dedicated dive jeep and boat both with emergency oxygen, first aid and cell phones.
  • Atmosphere has 2 dedicated dive boats both with emergency oxygen, first aid and cell phones.
  • Both resorts have EFRI training equipment including mannequins, AED and first aid supplies.
  • Both resorts have pool side and beach front restaurants and bars where you will be fed nutritious food throughout your IDC program.
  • Liquid has 2 full time Course Directors , a technical instructor, 2 MSDT's, 1 OWSI and 3 divemasters
  • Atmosphere has 1 full time Course Director, 2 Master Instructors, 5 MSDT’s and 6 divemasters
  • Both resorts offer various types of accommodation